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Welcome to Bella's Beauty Spaw

Hello! My name is Daniella and I am a certified dog groomer, graduate of The Prestige Dog Grooming School, under master groomer Danna Rae Alexander.  I am offering my services through my home-based business, located in the historic Highlands area of Edmonton, close to Concordia University.

Bella's Beauty Spaw was name after my beloved toy poodle who passed away in February of 2021.


Only the best for your furry ones!

Dogs of all breeds require regular grooming on an average of every 4-8 weeks, regardless of whether that means a full hair cut or bath and tidy.

What We Offer

The Basics

All our pampered dogs receive two full deep cleaning baths until squeaky clean according to their coat needs. We use only locally sourced salon grade products that promote healthy skin and coat. After, bathing dogs are towelled off and fluff dried with one of our high velocity driers.

Nails are clipped or dremmeled, and ears cleaned with an alcohol- free cleanser. Around this time we text pet parents that their dog is almost ready for pickup. We also remove any hair that extends beyond their paw pads.

Dogs are finished with an accessory, a few spritzes of pet cologne, treat bag, and a photo.


The Full Groom

Everything listed  under "The Basics" plus an overall hair cut and style, with lengths up to 1".

Classic breed cuts meet modern styles as we work to achieve the look you desire for your furry companion.


Dogs are finished with an accessory, a few spritzes of pet cologne, treat bag and a photo.



The Teddy Bear

A Teddy Bear, is what many *oodle owners love their dogs to look like. Heads and legs are cut longer and often scissored to balance the look of the dog. Lengths between 1/2" to 1" on the body require frequent, often daily brushing by owners between more frequent grooming appointments to maintain these desirable styles.

We Include many classic and modern poodle styles under this category just to keep things simple. We are often able to recognize the pattern already set from a previous groom or to work with owners to achieve their desired look.

Dogs are finished with an accessory, a few spritzes of pet cologne, treat bag and a photo.


Grooming Salon


Small (under 20lb)

The Basics                     45

Deshed, Short Coat       60

Deshed, Long Coat        65

Mini Groom                    55

Full Groom                     70

Short Coated *oodles

The Kennel Cut             70

The Teddy Bear            75

Long Coated *oodles

The Basics                   55

Mini Groom                  65

The Kennel Cut            75

The Teddy Bear           80


Medium (20 - 49lbs)

The Basics              50-55

Deshed, Short Coat     70

Deshed, Long Coat      80

Mini Groom                  65

The Full Groom            85

Short Coated *oodles

The Kennel Cut             90

The Teddy Bear           100

Long Coated *oodles

The Basics                   70

Mini Groom                  80

The Kennel Cut            95

The Teddy Bear          120


Large (50 - 89lbs)

The Basics                60-70

Deshed, Short Coat       80

Deshed, Long Coat        95

Mini Groom                     80

The Full Groom             110

Short Coated *oodles

The Kennel Cut             110

The Teddy Bear            125

Long Coated *oodles

The Basics                      85

Mini Groom                     95

The Kennel Cut             120

The Teddy Bear             140

All price estimates are based on size: Small <20lbs  | Medium 20-49lbs  |  Large 50-89lbs

Please inquiry for service pricing on dogs under 10lbs or over 90lbs.

Pricing listed assume good condition and behaviour.

We  quote 2-3 hours as time estimate. We call within 30 minutes of completion of services

Get in touch!


11154 67 Street NW
Edmonton AB

T5B 1K8

By appointment only.


Daniella Majeau



Appointment Hours

Mon, Tue, & Wed: 10am, 1pm, & 4pm
Thur & Fri: 10 am, 12pm, & 2 pm

Sat: 12pm



At Bella's Beauty Spaw, payments can be made by cash or e-transfer only.


Bella’s Beauty Spaw is full licensed with the City of Edmonton and fully insured!


Tidy grooms and desheds are also available, please inquire for pricing.

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